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Q: What happened to the Gel Boomerang catalog?
A: Gel Boomerangs (1984 - 1998) has closed its doors for business. Mike Gel now concentrates on teaching people how to throw boomerangs and on running an occasional boomerang events. You can buy some of Gel's favorite boomerangs from Colorado Boomerangs.

Q: Do Boomerangs really come back?
A: Yes! If you have a good sports boomerang and proper instructions, getting a boomerang to come back to you is easy.

Q: Are Gel Boomerangs good sports boomerangs?
A: Yes. Since 1984, people from around the world have been learning to throw and catch with Gel Boomerangs. In addition, veteran throwers have used Gel Boomerangs to win tournaments and set world records. Just last year (2004), Manuel Schütz set the new world record in Trick Catch/Doubling using Gel Boom Carlota Doublers!
Q: Why are they called Gel Boomerangs?
A: Gel Boomerangs were designed and handcrafted by Michael Gel Girvin, a World Champion boomerang thrower who has set many World Records.

Q: What are Gel Boomerangs made of?
A: Birch aircraft plywood imported from Finland (and sometimes other materials). The multiple plies produce a boomerang that is both light and strong.

Q: Why are Gel Boomerangs shaped differently than the traditional "V-shape"?
A: The "V-shape" is not the best design for easy throwing and catching. Gel Boomerangs fly more accurately and present a broader surface area to catch.

Q: How do you throw boomerangs?
A: First, read the Throwing Instructions. Then remember the basics:
  1. Hold the 'rang nearly vertical with the flat unpainted side away from you.
  2. With the wind blowing toward you, turn about 45° to the right if you are right-handed, or about 45° to the left if you are left-handed.
  3. Throw with a smooth body motion and a snap of the wrist.

Q: How do you tell which way the wind is blowing?
A: Drop some blades of grass and watch which way they fall.

Q: Where do you throw boomerangs?
A: On a large grassy field such as a football, baseball or soccer field. Be sure it is free of trees, people and buildings.

Q: What makes a left-handed boomerang different from a right-handed boomerang?
A: On each arm of the boomerang, the shape of the airfoil is reversed. In flight, right-handed boomerangs circle to the left; left-handed boomerangs circle to the right.

Q: Were boomerangs ever used for hunting?
A: No! Boomerangs were used for play and sport. Boomeranging is one of the oldest documented sports on the face of the earth. Throwing sticks were used for hunting, but they did not return to the thrower.

Q: Can a boomerang hurt you?
A: Not if it is thrown and caught correctly. A boomerang is no more dangerous than a baseball. When thrown correctly, the boomerang will slowly float down to your waiting hands.

Q: What are the benefits of throwing boomerangs?
A: Fun, fresh air and exercise. You can throw alone or with friends.

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