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Gel Boomerangs (1984 - 1998) has closed its doors for business. Mike Gel continues to runs boomerang tournaments and teach people how to throw. Feel free to e-mail him with any boomerang questions at: gelboom@yahoo.com

Do you want to buy some Gel Boomerangs? Colorado Boomerangs now reproduces some of Gel's favorite booms. Visit Colorado's site at: http://www.coloradoboomerangs.com/gel.html to purchase Gel Boomerangs. Or, for secret stash of old Gel Booms for sale, click here: Gel booms for sale from Mike Gel

11 National Awards from the U. S. Boomerang Association

Between 1987 and 2005, Gel Booms were used by 8 different throwers to set 14 World Records

Michael Gel Girvin

Michael Gel Girvin retired from boomerang competition in 1997

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